Rosamund Payne
Self-regulation in a Montessori setting – “Help me to do it by myself".

Author: Rosamund Payne, The Clifton Children’s House.

Title: “Self-regulation in a Montessori setting – “Help me to do it by myself””
“The child is a truly miraculous being and this must be deeply felt by the educator” 
Maria Montessori, 1870 – 1952.

The Montessori Method is based on the principle that children want to be active in their own learning. Young children need freedom of choice. They learn by doing and they need to go at their own pace. The method teaches that too much instruction and adult control can make children dependent. This interactive workshop will centre on the Montessori Method as a theory of teaching and learning. The workshop will contain a brief introduction to Montessori and her method and short video clips and photographs of the children in my Montessori Nursery School. I hope these may provide stimulation for a group discussion. The main focus will be on exploring the idea of autonomy development by giving examples of activities and practices we do to encourage self-regulation and independence. This will include describing the school schedule, the way we introduce the youngest children (2 ½ year olds) to the activities and the principle of freedom of choice and uninterrupted work time. These are central to the Montessori philosophy. I will also be demonstrating some of the Montessori activities such as the pink tower, grading colour tablets as well as more practical activities such as pouring and spooning, and cleaning a table. Through these demonstrations I hope to highlight ways in which teachers could be hindering or encouraging the child’s sense of agency. I would really like the participants at the workshop to explore the materials and ask questions.

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