Einat Litchtinger
Impact of intervention programs to promote self-regulation in at-risk students on the self-identity and motivation of teachers.

Author: Einat Litchtinger, Oranim Academic College. 

Title: “Impact of intervention programs to promote self-regulation in at-risk students on the self-identity and motivation of teachers”


This study examines the changes that took place in the self-identity and motivation of teachers of at-risk youth as a result of programs that promote self-regulation in their students. Teachers’ self-identity is the way that they perceive themselves and their role (Beijaard et al., 2000). There is a connection between their self-identity and their motivational characteristics, such as their self-efficacy. All of these have considerable influence on their performance and on the way they cope with challenges (Day et al., 2006). These factors are especially important for teachers of youth at risk Empowerment of these teachers would enable them to create processes of inclusion with their students (Schultz et al., 2008). The programs to promote self-regulation were based on instruction of cultivating strategies along with advancing the students’ active management of the process (Schunk & Zimmerman, 2007). Using the multiple case study method, the study examined the impact of these programs on thirty teachers. Self-reports were collected from the teachers during the program, at its conclusion and one year later. An analysis of the findings shows that the processes experienced by the teachers fell into three models. A majority reported reinforcement in their self-identity and self-efficacy on both the classroom and institutional levels. A smaller number of teachers indicated a change in the classroom but not in the systemic level, while still fewer reported no change at all. The discussion will consider the significance of these findings for the empowerment of teachers.

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