Dimitra Kaneva
Creative research methods: exploring children's experiences and engagement in primary-secondary school transition.

Author: Dimitra Kaneva

Title: “Creative research methods: exploring children’s experiences and engagement in primary-secondary school transition”


This poster will explore the use of creative research methods as part of a qualitative project looking into how children with English as an additional language (EAL) manage their experiences and engagement as they transfer from primary to secondary school. It draws upon findings of a previous study which explored children’s perspectives on the support for learning available following international migration. The research revealed limited engagement of students in their own learning. My current project seeks to address issues of agency and engagement in the process of transition from primary to secondary education in the context of EAL in England where children from a primary school transfer to their new secondary schools. In creating understanding of how children with EAL experience and engage in transition, the main question is about their active participation in both formal and informal aspects of schooling. The perspectives of their teachers and peers will be also sought. The project is designed as a multiple case study following the stories of a group of children transferring from the same primary school into three different secondary schools. By using creative research methods such as paired discussions, learning walks, photographs and learning journals, I aim to capture crucial aspects of the experiences of this particular group of learners in English schools. I aim to explore the importance of student voice and engagement in schooling and the potential benefits for children with EAL and their teachers. I am currently at the stage of data generation in the primary school.

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