Charlotte D. Rochez
Perceptions of agency: insights from researching the histories of home-based education and schooling-at-home.

Author: Charlotte D. Rochez, University of Cambridge.

Title: “Perceptions of agency: insights from researching the histories of home-based education and schooling-at-home”

Many parents choose to exercise the right for their child to remain at home, rather than attending school. Reflection on home-based education and schooling-at-home may facilitate exploration of socio-political views of agency in education. Considering historical changes in attitudes regarding such provisions and in the numbers of families electing for them may afford insights into changes in popular perceptions of the roles of parents, families, children, the state and schools. Further insights may be gained through consideration of education policy initiatives relating, sometimes indirectly, to home-based education and schooling-at-home, and the role of parents in policy formation and execution. Such policies may not only reflect, but also alter notions of agency in education. This poster explores these issues through drawing on my current research into the histories of home-based education and schooling-at-home in British Columbia, Canada and England, UK from the 1960s to the present. Aspects of the research approach are explored, including the place of oral history and participatory research. The poster outlines the methods and sources employed to engage with the voices of those who have experienced such forms of education. Sources include typed monologues/testimonies, interviews (face-to-face, Skype and MSN), and documents (books, blogs, newsletters and others). Analysis is based on a process of ‘editing down’ which seeks to allow the emergence of themes whilst retaining an emic perspective. Particular consideration is given to the ethics of ‘online oral history’ and the use of social networking sites, blogs, websites and email as research tools.

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