Angel Urbina
Preschool and first grade teacher’s perceptions and practices on preschool transition in Mexico.

Author: Angel Urbina, University of York.

Title: “Preschool and first grade teacher’s perceptions and practices on preschool transition in Mexico”

Transition from preschool to first grade has been an interesting topic for many researchers concerned about the promotion of an adequate adaptation process for children entering primary school. This topic has been widely investigated by worldwide researchers highlighting the importance of this process not only for children, but for their families and teachers. Particularly, this study can be better understood under the theoretical framework of issues related to teacher’s exercise of agency in their pedagogical practise during this transition process, whose main objective is to explore this process by investigating teachers’ perceptions and practices in transition to first grade in both, preschool and first grade in Mexican Schools. This research addresses to answer key research questions from both educational level teachers: What are the main problems they perceive children face during this critical period? What are the transition practices they commonly use? What do they think can be done to support this transition? A cross-sectional design will be employed and two different 40-item questionnaires developed based on literature findings will be administered to a sample of 30 teachers from public schools in Mexico City in order to gather the data. A qualitative and quantitative approach will be used to analyse the data obtained. Finally, the results from this research will provide the opportunity to open a new transition research field in Mexico that might have an important impact in supporting the process in this community and planning carefully educational interventions during this process in National Educative System.

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