Mari Anne Okkolin
The sense of educational agency through the voice-centred relational method.

Author: Mari Anne Okkolin, University of Jyvaskyla.

Title: “The sense of educational agency through the voice-centred relational method”

Each phenomenon under exploration has specific goals determining the selection of an appropriate research design, data collection and analysis methods. In my presentation I shall discuss about one tool, the Voice-Cantered Relational (VCR) method, which I have applied during the interpretative stage(s) of my PhD research on education, gender and development. In my talk I’ll introduce five differently focused readings of the interview transcripts that guide the researcher to ask and answer three interrelated questions: “who is speaking under what circumstances?”, “who is listening?” and “what is the nature of the listener-speaker relationship?” I’ll also illustrate how the voice of participants lies at the heart of the VCR-method aiming at listening how they speak about themselves before I speak of them. In my research the sense of agency is interpreted and conceptualised through Amartya Sen’s four conceptual spaces within which the human life can be evaluated (well-being achievement, agency achievement, well-being freedom and agency freedom). This presentation focuses, however, on the VCR-method to understand and analyse qualitative interview data. The VCR-method has proven analytical potential to capture the perceived and experienced representation of research participants, in this case, the sense of educational agency and social location narrated by ten highly educated Tanzanian women.

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