Mission Statement


The aim of the Researching Agency in Education and Learning Network is to create a space for academics, students, practitioners, researchers, and young learners to interact and exchange perspectives and research on agency in learning and educational contexts. The study of agency has been of interest of multiple disciplines (e.g., sociology, history, psychology, education) and nowadays collaborations across disciplines are contributing to both more comprehensive, inclusive and holistic, as well as diversified and accentuated understandings of the term. Within our network, we understand agency as a human characteristic and skill to wilfully participate in and transform practices, and that can be developed through time, interactions and relations between individuals and between them and their context. Moreover, the power of agency is in the inter-subjective orientation to transform and jointly construct new meanings, and contexts for action. Hence, agency is a vehicle for learning as well as for the transformation of societies, cultures and knowledge.

100_0659Currently, the Network operates on a virtual level, through an online community hosted by the RAEL Network’s website, and through a biennial international conference. At our core, the Network aims to be a space of collaboration, facilitating and supporting future efforts, projects, and research in agency. It is a shared space that sets out to bridge perspectives and cultures, respect and value diversity, and promote inclusion. This value is manifested in the Network’s leadership team: we represent different countries around the globe and bring expertise and experience on early childhood education, linguistics and language education, arts and culture, teacher training, cognitive psychology and social media together with the development of research methodologies. Our varied backgrounds and research interests are unified in our effort to support the future of agency research in educational contexts on an international level.

The DARE Collaborative is a research partnership focused on the digital arts in education, led by the UCL Institute of Education and the British Film Institute. It has a membership of university researchers, teachers and educators in cultural organisations with an interest in arts, media, culture and new literacies in the context of education and digital media.
Centro en Investigación Avanzada en Educación